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Max & Partners

Consulting Engineers

Max and Partners Ltd is a Consulting Engineering company specializing in the field of civil engineering and was registered under the then Companies Act, CAP 486, Incorporation Certificate No. C. 116868 in May 2005.

In addition Max and Partners Ltd is registered as a Consulting Firm by the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) and by the Ministry of Roads under Category “B”. The Firm is also a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya (ACEK) which is affiliated to the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and the Association of Professional Societies of East Africa (APSEA).

The firm is also registered in Rwanda by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) under Domestic Company Code No. 105127810.


We focus on designing new transportation systems and infrastructures, including highways, bridges etc


Our focus is in Design,Construction & Supervision of Civil Works for Bulk Petroleum,LPG Depots and Fuel Service Stations.


We design,Supervise and install all the elements of a building which bring it to life.


Here we are chiefly concerned with the flow and storage of water as well as Hydro-logical and Geological Studies and Structural Design and Assessment.