Vision Statement

To be the leading provider of cost effective professional services to sustainably develop and improve infrastructure.

Objective of Implementing the BQMS

Our primary objective in implementing the BQMS is to ensure all round satisfaction of our Clients and to create and foster a continually improving working environment for all our staff. The system, once implemented, will also guarantee international recognition regarding our operations in accordance with statutory requirements, market trends and Clients’ requirements, with the ultimate goal of delivering each Project in in a beneficial, socially and environmentally responsive, and cost-effective and timely manner to the ultimate beneficiaries.

In order to meet our objectives we aim at ensuring that we:

  • Meet and exceed our Client’s expectations and requirements;
  • Maintain interactive and seamless communication systems with our Client and all stakeholders;
  • Optimize operations to guarantee steady growth; and
  • Carry out periodic system controls and audits of the BQMS

Mission Statement

To provide broad based, interdisciplinary, cost effective and environmentally sustainable infrastructure solutions, and institutional strengthening to support implementation and management.

To achieve its vision through its mission Max & Partners Limited has developed and is implementing a Business Quality Management System (BQMS) based on ISO 9001:2008 International Standard, and is currently at the Certification Process stage.

The BQMS Implementation Team

The implementation of the BQMS provisions is anchored on the following:

  • Management’s commitment. One member of the BoD is fully in charge of issues relating to the Business Quality Management policy.
  • Continual staff training, so that all the staff members are up-to-date with the BQMS requirements.
  • Appointment for every Project of a Quality Manager, who is closely cooperating with the Project Manager on the Project’s Quality Programme realisation.

The BQMS as a dynamic tool for the Company’s development

The Quality Management System is the Company’s vehicle for its constant expansion and development as follows:

  • Through the measuring of data and indicators, positive and negative (Clients’ satisfaction, possible complaints;
  • Though analysing the causes for possible qualitative deviations which is accomplished by implementing numerous controls on every Project task; and
  • Through the improvement of the BQMS, as dictated by the Management.